Tandem Axle Utility

Bragg Trailers offers a variety of Tandem Axle trailers from Texas Bragg Trailers. Ranging from 10' to 20', and fully able to customize any trailer for your needs. If we don't have one in stock we will be more than happy and willing to work with you and order you one in.

Pipe Top TA
The Texas Bragg pipe top trailer is a medium duty tandem axle trailer built for commercial, agricultural, or recreational purposes. When  you need more space or carry heavier loads, this is the trailer for you. We offer a large variety of options so you can design a unique trailer to fit your needs. Like all Texas Bragg trailers, the pipe top trailer is built to work hard and handle years of abuse.

Panel Wagon
The Panel Wagon is great for transporting loose material like sand, rock, mulch, etc. Built on a standard utility trailer frame with 30″ V-Broke sides, it is a strong trailer made to withstand the use and abuse of commercial companies, but is also great for general home or farm use.